LinkedIn Sees A 28 Percent Increase In Remote Job Postings; What Should You Do?

Almost 40% of the Americans have lost their job since the beginning of COVID-19 quarantine. The April jobless rate has been 14.7% and there are multiple corporate bankruptcies being reported such as the ones of Hertz, JC Penney, Neiman Marcus, and others. But amongst all this economic trouble, that may become worst in times to come, LinkedIn is enjoying a surge of 28% in a key category - the remote job postings.

Everyone is looking out for opportunities on the platform that includes working from home. So, as there has been an influx in remote work postings, the company has also seen a 43% increase in search terms like “remote” and “work from home”.

Which Companies Are Catering To Remote Workers?

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that their company is all ready to allow work from home, along with the cost-cutting measure that includes how wages will be distributed according to the cost-living expenses in the region.

But with unemployment numbers booming, getting the job under such circumstances is the real deal. Hence, if you want to level up your remote office game, then you need to take care of three important things below.

1. Make Sure You Look Professional

Starting things off with an old proverb that states “eyes are windows to the soul”. This can certainly be the case when working from home as your laptop camera should be in line with your eye level. You can elevate your laptop with a shoebox or book but it is important that you don’t take up any official call while sitting on the couch or while being curled up in a blanket.

The way you show up on calls is considered as a reflection of your professionalism, dedication, and communication skills. And eyes can be your best tool to connect with someone across the screen.

2. Good Video Means Good Audio

Back in 1971, Mehrabian, the author of Silent Messages redefined personal communication by stating 93% of communication is non-verbal and a person’s body language makes up to 55% of that number. The other 38% can be maintained by putting up a set of good headphones.

3. Fix Your Background

Receiving a call in your bed with piles of clothes behind you is a big no - especially now when the pandemic is no longer a new thing. If you have made mistakes in your past, now is the time to set up a space in your house where you can attend calls or group meetings with a relatively professional and clean background.

The job market has shrunk and if you want to make your bet the best in work from home culture, make sure that the environment you are working in works in the best interest of you.

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