Facebook new test permits its users to share their collection with broader audience

In December 2018 Facebook introduced a new cool feature that allowed its users to share their curated collection with just in a single tap. Before the launch of this feature, collections were discover-able to the user itself. After this feature came into motion, people were allowed to share their collections with a broader group of people in a single tap.

Before this feature collection came into being, people had to select the list manually by taping each name. This hand picking task was time-consuming and annoying. The addition of this new feature has made it easy for its users to enjoy sharing collections with one tap. People are enjoying sharing their collection effortlessly.

Facebook has enabled the feature to share your collection with certain people, instead of the public. You can select a list of people and your collection will only be visible to your desired people. Your collection will stay hidden by the rest of the public and only be seeable to people you choose. Isn’t it amazing?

However, the “Only Me” option is still in default privacy settings for your curated content. If you wish to create a list of certain who would be further able to add items to your list, Facebook has made it possible too. You can select “Contributors Only” for this purpose. Contributors will be granted access to comments and add items to your collection. Of course, your collection will be still private. Isn’t it cool?

Facebook explained that this feature is added to provide even better experience to its users. The social media giant further added that this collection feature will help in building a strong community and bond. Users can share food recipes, health tips, remedies, and whatever they wish too. Back then, this feature was also used to share a shopping list with their desired people.

The unfortunate part is that only US users have the access to this feature. Facebook claims that this feature is introduced as an experiment. This trademark is only accessible to people in the US using the latest version of Facebook. No dialogues have been communicated to know when this feature will be available to the rest of the users worldwide. People all over the world are desperately waiting to use this new inclusion. People believe that it is worth the wait.

This collection feature is further expected to be the next promotional tool as well. The strategy has not been decided at the moment, but entrepreneurs are all set for hunting. As they believe that this might be a door to new opportunities.

Screenshot: Twitter / Whimchic.

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