Google announces the launch date of Google Currents in the place of Google Plus, and it is going to provide far greater benefits to the users than before

Google shut down its social network, Google+ (AKA G Plus) on 2nd April 2019. But for enterprise communication to continue, Google has announced another tool in place of Google+, called ‘Google Currents’.

In an email to the G Suite administrators, Google has mentioned that ‘Currents’ is going to launch on 6th July 2020. All the users that were on Google+ will be transferred to Currents. It is like a rebranded version of Google+, but with a more updated look and feel, along with providing additional benefits through some extra features, content moderation, and some administrative privileges.

‘Currents’ has been in the beta testing phase for a couple of months, and now that it will roll out on 6th July 2020, people are excited about the interesting features that it is going to provide. According to Google’s claims, Currents is for people who want to stay updated about the current issues, and they like to discuss them with others. It is also going to help people engage more efficiently with their colleagues and employees.
"The new Currents mobile app will replace the Google+ iOS and Android mobile apps, which will no longer be supported. After July 6, 2020, it will not be possible to opt out of Currents or revert back to Google+.", announced The G Suite Team in an email to its users.
It is going to carry over the concept of ‘tags’ and ‘streams.’ These features will allow leaders and employees to exchange meaningful discussions and ideas across the organization while enabling them to gather valuable input and positive or negative feedback from other people. This will not only make the whole exchange and conversion effective and fast; it will also not flood the inboxes with company messages and emails. So, that is a huge plus!

The user interface and experience will mostly remain unaffected and unchanged with a home stream ordered by chronology or relevance, and the posts from a company’s bosses will be given priority.

It will also allow the sharing of polls, texts, links, images, videos, and any other content saved in Google Drive too.

This is how admins and leadership will be able to make the discussions across the organization effective by creating targeted custom streams to promote a particular content to a specific set of employees, or if they choose, to the entire company even.

Another interesting feature is that the admins can use metrics to measure engagement across the organization platform, and they will be able to track the usage and even grasp the content which becomes popular across the organization for whatever reason.

Once Currents is launched, as mentioned above, all the Google+ users will be automatically transferred to Currents, and the complete features of Currents will be available to them in five days.

All the existing links will work but they will redirect to URLs.

For Android and iOS, an update to Google+ will introduce its newly launched rebranded version, Currents.

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