Will Oversight Board Be Able to Help Facebook Change Its Approach towards Content Posted by Political Leader?

We have seen that Facebook is continuing to grapple with challenging questions about what type of content should be allowed or blocked on Facebook’s platform. The company is still working on its upcoming ‘Content Oversight Board.’ The initial training as well as the onboarding phase of the Oversight Board has been slowed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new Content Oversight Board will help to relieve some of the pressure, related to this aspect, on Zuck and Co. However, the Content Oversight Board is looking over the ongoing situation and stated that the current events in the US have been painful for all the Board members.

As Facebook is one of those organizations focusing on free expression as well as human rights and has a global scope, the company recognize that various communities are facing other issues currently, it is not possible to ignore what is currently happening in the cities of United States. The Content Oversight Board is made up of various experts in different fields such as constitutional law and politics, and civil rights, etc. The Board will help the company analyze its best way forward on content rulings including those related to content posted across Facebook’s platform by political leaders.

However, the board stated that the company is not in a position to make decisions on current issues. However, when the Content Oversight Board will be in a working state, they will make tough decisions without considering the company’s reputation, or economic as well as political interests. The Board stated that the members are not here to defend Facebook, and the board will be transparent in the decisions.

Currently, the Content Oversight Board is going through its final training. The final stages of the Board’s training include instructions related to the Case Management feature that the company has developed to facilitate the operations of the Board. It is expected that the Board will be operational by the end of the year 2020. This also indicates that the Board will be in place in time for the United States Election. The Board may also be able to provide a powerful boost to the company’s efforts in this space. However, the company will always have the authority to overrule the decisions made by the Content Oversight Board. The Oversight Board also noted that the company created the Board to make binding as well as independent decisions related to the toughest issues related to content across Facebook and Instagram apps. How the company treats content posted by public personalities that may violate Facebook’s community standards falls under the Board’s scope. Moreover, the Board expects that this issue will be one of the most challenging cases the board will consider when it goes operational in the next few months.

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