GooglePlus Shut Down Timeline Will Start From 4th February

Last October, Google decided to shut down its own social media network Google+ after the platform failed to attract users and the data of existing 500,000 Google+ profiles got leaked. Their repute was further damaged when in December, another data leak was reported which had its impact on approximately 52.5 million users. Due to this, Google decided to remove Google+ four months earlier to the original timeline and now they have also revealed all the details regarding Google+’s end in the following year.

Google has officially planned to end all of Google+ services for the consumers in April 2019 as they feel that the challenges involved maintaining the website were too much to handle. The detailed timeline of the shutdown will commence from February.
  • By February 4th, Google will take the access back from users to create any new Google+ profile, page, community, or event.
  • Comments on other websites with Google+ profiles will no longer be seen after April 2nd.
  • Google+ sign-in will be immediately replaced by a Google sign-in button for the remaining profiles.
  • Any Google+ Community owner or moderator can obtain additional data for download starting early March 2019. You will have access to all the author, body, and photos for every community post in a public community.
  • All the Google+ accounts and pages will be permanently deleted along with its content starting from April 2nd. While it will take some time to delete such massive data, users can still save their photos or videos from Google+ in users' Album Archive and pages by creating a backup of it in Google Photos.
However, Google+ for enterprise consumers will work perfectly fine along with minor updates for the business community.

So, if you were a frequent user of Google+, then make sure you save up your memories before time. You can either opt for the standard Google option, Takeout, or a third party Google+ Exporter, which will save all of your data in a well-documented structure.

GooglePlus Shut Down Timeline Will Start From 4th February
Photo: Black Press Media
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