Google adds new features in Digital Wellbeing, Clock, and Family link

Google is introducing some new features to help users get better and more restful sleep. The updates are mostly related to the Digital Wellbeing tool found in Android devices and with technology use on a significant rise due to the coronavirus – the updates will be much appreciated as the world gets ready to reopen.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the details provided by Google.

Bedtime mode

Bedtime Mode or the Wind Down feature is a setting option in Google phones that encourage users to disconnect at night. The tools in this feature include Do Not Disturb – to limit notifications and a Grayscale mode to make the phone less appealing during the nighttime.

The Bedtime Mode can also be automatically enabled when you plug in your phone in the charging station at night. You can also choose a bedtime window for the feature so it does not ‘turn on’ if you keep the phone at charging during the daytime.

The Bedtime Mode will also get a Quick Setting toggle now so you can manage your changes more easily. It will also be made available on all devices with Digital Wellbeing and offer enhanced parental controls.

Google Clock

The Google Clock app is also getting a bit of makeover by Google. We are all accustomed to waking up at the same time each day. But now the Clock app will get a new ‘Bedtime’ tab along with several other tools to ensure that you sleep on time and for the required number of hours.

It will also suggest calming music taken from third-party apps like Spotify, Calm, and YouTube to help you sleep better.

And when it’s time to wake up – the clock will have a ‘Sunrise Alarm’ complete with very bright colors. The alarm will play 15 minutes before your scheduled wakeup time.

The Bedtime tab will be made available on every device with Digital Wellbeing.

Family link

Lastly, Google is adding some bedtime features to the Family Link protocol. With this update, parents can create a bedtime schedule for their children and customize it according to the weekdays and weekends. Once bedtime rolls around, the child’s phone will automatically lock. However, the phone will be allowed to make emergency calls.

And although Google did not mention, we expect some reminders or notifications to appear on the child’s phone before the actual bedtime!

The Bedtime Mode features are being made available on Google Pixel phones now while the Clock update is anticipated later this summer on all Android devices.

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