Facebook is rolling out a feature that will provide more insights about comments

Matt Navarra, a social media industry commentator and consultant, has shared in Tweet that Facebook is coming up with a feature that will give some insight information about comments on the platform.

When someone shares a post on Facebook and you comment on it, it lets you connect with other people more deeply. Commenting on each other’s posts is a popular way to engage with people and even carry out healthy discussions with one another on the platform.

Now, about these comments, two features are important to note: Reactions to these comments and Post Impressions.

With this new feature, Comment insights will be given in the form of change in reactions and change in post impressions.

Change in reactions is the difference between the number of reactions on posts compared to the number of reactions on similar posts from your Page or Profile that you have not commented on.

While, Change in Post Impressions, is the difference between the number of times these posts appeared on screens compared to the number of times similar posts from your Page or Profile that you have not commented or appeared on screens is estimated. It gives complete insight information about the level of engagement that you are achieving through the platform.

While this sounds to be an interesting feature, this news has received mixed reviews on Twitter. Some people are very happy and feel that it is going to be an awesome update, but some people are questioning whether this feature will be available for Facebook Pages and Groups or for Personal Accounts too? Secondly, people are even questioning if this feature will even be useful or not at all?

Some people are even suggesting that this may be a way of spying! Now, this sounds preposterous but having complete faith in all the tech apps is also a little difficult, and for a good reason!

People are still skeptical about Facebook and its policies, and about the security of personal data and information, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Although Facebook has been trying to redeem its image in the eyes of the general public for a while now, it seems that it still has a long way to go.

Let us see how this feature turns out to be, if, and when it eventually rolls out.

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