Facebook tests Google-Like weather updates right in its Search Results

Facebook is trying to take over any forte that is coming in its way, and the next stop is definitely the weather updates. We all love Google for showing accurate weather updates, but Facebook is new to enter into the market and it is expected to see a lot of competition as well.

This development was posted by Jane Manchun Wong on her Twitter account where she shared a screenshot of the interface. The weather updates were shown with a decent interpretation of different regions along with the weather updates for the coming week as well. Also, the weather updates were divided into hours to exactly tell how the weather will be throughout the day.

We don’t have any idea exactly how it will fit in the search bar and how we will be viewing the search results on Facebook, but it seems to pretty neat in the tweet.

We all are aware of how famous weather searches are on Google, so bringing this feature to Facebook might take away the crowd from Google. However, it is more likely to see if Google users will trust information given by its rivals, but it depends more on the source from where Facebook is collecting the data.

There’s not much information about the feature, but we might start seeing it on our apps in the coming weeks or months. It’s safe to say that Google might be having a little competition here as Facebook is not lacking behind in terms of users as well.

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