Twitter Launches Tool To Fight Domestic Violence in Asia Pacific

On Thursday, Twitter announced that it is launching a dedicated search prompt to help users fight domestic violence in Asian region. If you are looking for keywords related to domestic violence, the dedicated search prompt will direct you towards relevant information. The data will be provided by local governmental authorities, international organizations and NGOs.

The new feature will be available on, iOS, and Android versions of the app in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. It will be available in both Hindi and English languages. Twitter stated in a blog post that, every time a user in above mentioned countries will search for a specific keyword related to domestic violence, a prompt will appear in a local language directing users to the relevant information as well as sources of help available on the platform.

This new move is the expansion of the platform’s #ThereIsHelp prompt. Twitter specifically designed this prompt for users to find clear and authentic information related to critical and sensitive issues. Some of the keywords related to the issue of domestic violence include dowry, gender-based violence, marital rape, dowry death, against women, domestic violence, lockdown violence, prevention of sexual harassment, and gender violence.

The Twitter team will regularly review the feature to make sure that the relevant keywords generate the search prompt. It has been observed that in Asian region and globally, domestic violence cases have been increased during the lockdowns. Recently, The UN Women reported that 243 million girls and women aged between 15 and 49 have been subjected to violence (sexual or physical) penetrated by an intimate partner in the last twelve months.

According to the NCW, gender-based violence has been doubled during the lockdowns, Twitter stated. Chairperson at NCW, Rekha Sharma, stated that while the pandemic has effected everyone, there have been adverse impacts on girls and women who be victims of domestic violence. She also said that due to social distancing, a lot of women are unable to contact their regular support systems. Twitter’s new initiative will provide larger support to survivors, who may be easily isolated without having access to related information and help. Mahima Kaul, Twitter India, and South Asia Director Public Policy, stated that since the coronavirus outbreak, violence against girls and women has intensified in India and worldwide.

We are aware that a lot of women and girls suffering from domestic violence are isolated at home due to lockdowns with abusers, Mahima Kaul added. Mahima Kaul stated that we recognize collaborations with government, NGOs, and the public will help to fight against domestic violence across the globe.

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