Facebook launches New Investment Program to keep an eye on the new app developments

With new apps continuously developing in the digital age, Facebook is feeling threatened by the rising popularity of other competitors, and rightfully so.

If a rival app becomes more popular amongst the masses, it will eat up Facebook’s market share. So, Facebook’s constant insecurity is understandable, because this is exactly what Facebook did to MySpace back in 2008.

This is the reason why Facebook keeps introducing new things to keep an eye on the functionality and working progress of these apps.

Facebook launched a New Product Experimentation team in July 2019 for the sole purpose to develop new types of experiences for people and to try various ideas by creating small and focused apps to align them with useful and engaging features for people.

Through this team, Facebook has been able to deduce the rising trends and tools gaining popularity in other apps like TikTok, Clubhouse, Pinterest, etc. By doing this, Facebook experiments and develops a small app or a feature in its platform that is similar in functionality or better in some ways.

In this way, Facebook gains an edge over other apps and that is how it does not let its competition gain the popularity that it would if Facebook does not keep a constant check on it.

Now, the NPE team will not only look into rising app trends, but it will also look to invest in rising social apps and tools before they become dangerous competitors in the digital world, that's according to Axios.

Google also employs such anti-competitive behavior, and this is the key to its success too. Detecting these rising tools and latching onto them as soon as possible before they can get a chance to develop into dangerous rivals for Facebook and Google is a common way to keep growing and keep gaining popularity.

Previously also, before the NPE team, Facebook used the Onavo tracking tool in early 2013 and it was forced to shut down last year only. It was meant to help limit background data and personal information usage by various apps. But it also tracked the apps that users opened frequently, and then it used to give these insights to Facebook. This way, Facebook used to get an idea about the apps that used to become famous, and before they could develop into rivals, Facebook would acquire them or create something like them.

Now with the NPE Team’s new investment fund, Facebook will continue to keep other apps and their features under constant surveillance, and this is going to be interesting to watch. Because while Facebook is being a ‘peeping Tom,’ officials, app regulators, and developers are also constantly scrutinizing its activities, and whenever they get a chance, they forcefully shut down Facebook’s spying resources as they did with Onavo.

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