Android 11 Developer Preview reveals an added trash folder for deleted media and messages

Android 11 Beta 1 has recently been launched and Google has added an interesting feature. A new trash folder has been added where all the deleted photos, messages, songs, videos or any other item will be saved, instead of vanishing in the digital cloud forever.

Previously, even up till now on Android, if any file is deleted, deliberately or accidentally, it just vanishes forever. However, with this new trash folder, the deleted files will remain in the device for a couple of days so that if the user wants to undelete them, they may do so.

Roxanna Aliabadi, Product Manager Android, explained that these deleted files may remain in the trash folder for around 30 days.

This folder has been available since the Android 11’s Developer Preview earlier. Early demonstrations of the feature have been shown by the developer Yuriy Mysochenko too.

It sounds very close to what the Recycle Bin in the Microsoft Windows operating system provides. Also, the idea of trash folders has been adopted by Huawei EMUI skin of Android, which has a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder, in which deleted items can stay for 30 days and after this period, they are automatically deleted.

However, Android 11’s trash folder is most likely going to be hidden. Apps will tell the users about their deleted items and if they want to retrieve them, but Android will not have a dedicated folder for the trash. Apps like File Manager are most probably going to do this work for Android 11 too.

Now, this is pretty interesting because Google is allowing more developers to come forward and manage the trashed files like Google Photos has been doing for a while now.

Android 11 has also added a scoped storage that revamps the way that Android apps can and cannot access and alter user’s files. This sounds to be a controversial change and may see a lot of reluctance and arguments from the developers' end. But it is going to be beneficial for most of the users.

By the preview, Android 11 seems to be quite a user-centric. It looks like Google is trying to make ‘Android’ act and behave as humanly as possible. And that is a good change.

Let us wait and see how Android 11 ends up when it officially rolls out. So far, it seems to be bringing quite interesting changes.

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