Facebook Shuts Down Its VPN App Onavo Amid Data-Mining Controversy

Facebook leaves no stone unturned when it comes to monitoring the data of its committed users as the company’s another infamous VPN app, Onavo, will soon be shut down for breaching the data protection rules.

Finding a trustworthy VPN service is indeed a rare thing in the internet world and targeting this utmost need of users, Facebook purchased Onavo back in 2013. The app allowed Facebook to track down all the activities of a user on their phone which included your device information, current location, most used apps, the websites you love, and everything related to your personal data.

Once the protection is on, all of what you surf on the internet is through Facebook’s servers, which makes it easier for them to decrypt your information.

The app was earlier deleted from Apple’s App Store as it violated the iPhone maker’s Enterprise Certificate program. They even cancelled Facebook’s Enterprise Certificate for a short while to punish them.

But this recent blow again has forced them take down the Onavo VPN app completely from the Google Play Store as well. Facebook has already turned off the options to mine user’s data through the app and will soon end the VPN operations too once a replacement is introduced.

Revealing further plans, a Facebook representative told that the company is now going to focus more on reward-based market research in order to give better products to users.

Will Facebook innovate something new to keep an eye on all of us or have they already learnt their lesson? Only time will tell.

Facebook's Onavo VPN app that was used for snooping on teens' browsing activity is shutting down amid controversy
Photo: Digitalinformationworld.com Composite, Bloomberg via Getty Images
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