Creator Insider provides major updates on YouTube’s Fundraising Policies, Removal of Stories Tab and Addition of Live Category in the Explore tab

Creator Insider, an unofficial YouTube channel that shares information from the Creator technical team with the entire Internet community. Recently, this channel shared some updates regarding several features on YouTube.

YouTube is a source for doing a lot of good in the world, like raising funds for non-profit organizations or for creating awareness about some social causes.

Many creators keep looking for ways to bring a change in the communities they care about, and make a change. Some creators have recently been found to be encouraging their viewers to repeatedly click or watch ads and videos to raise money for non-profit organizations. While this is being done with the good intentions, yet it is against the Fake Engagement policy and AdSense policies of YouTube. Such videos can get removed, and YouTube will not pay them for their views or clicks.

So, to accommodate this and help these people to achieve their goals, YouTube has revised its Fundraising policies.

Now YouTube allows Eligible channels in certain locations that can Fundraise with ‘YouTube Giving.’ The creators of these eligible channels can add a ‘Donate’ button to their videos and live streams.

If creators are not from the eligible channels, they can use ‘End Screens,’ that can be added to the last 5 to 20 seconds of a video. Third-party fundraising sites like GoFundMe or JustGiving can be linked in the end screens.

And apart from these methods, creators can donate from their specific videos. They can make videos on original content that their audience loves to watch. Creators can tell the viewers that they will donate the revenue from that video to a specific non-profit organization, but asking them or coercing them to click or watch ads to increase the contribution is still not advisable as it is considered spammy activity.

Secondly, when creators want to add the ‘Donate’ button to a video, the content of the video must not be copied from someone else, and if someone else’s content is being used, the creator must make sufficient changes in it and must give the source to avoid copyright infringement.

No one should make false claims about donating to an organization and YouTube is not responsible if the creators pledge to donate money, but they do not.

Another important update is that YouTube is making it easier for viewers to search live streams on the platform by adding an ‘Entry Point’ to an improved live destination on the ‘explore’ tab in more than twenty markets. This will allow the users to join any live stream at any point without any trouble.

The final important update from Creator Insider channel is that YouTube is removing the Stories channel page due to low usage. More features for Stories are going to be launched in the future as per YouTube’s plans. This decision is not going to have a noticeable impact on Stories' views since less than 1% of Stories' views came from that Stories channels page and stories will continue to be viewable on Home under videos on the watch page and in the subscription’s feed.

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