No Registration and Fast Casinos in Finland

Casinos in many parts of the world are getting out the quarantine, adjusting their premises to new safety requirements and unlocking their doors for customers. Land-based betting houses in America, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, and some African countries have already invited their citizens to resume gambling. Tired of being immersed in the virtual reality of social media platforms that spread fake news about Covid-19, gamblers eagerly flooded into the real world of brick-and-mortar casinos. People were so impatient to return to real gambling that some of them lined up in front of casinos' doors at dawn. Nor did casinos' quarantine measures dampen people's enthusiasm for gambling. Players might be required to cover their faces, maintain physical distancing, wash their hands repeatedly, and play four or five-handed poker games instead of more entertaining eight-handed ones, but they will still flock to casinos to experience gambling live.

Other countries are still weighing their options and keep their casinos shut down. As the coronavirus pandemic has not subsided yet, opened casinos might soon exacerbate the situation in the world. It is true that casino operators take the necessary precautions to keep the virus in check, sanitizing dices, cards, and chips, setting up Plexiglas barriers between players, and washing floors comprehensively. But the problem is that the jury is still out on how the virus is transmitted. Making a diagnosis of the viability of casinos' safety measures is a guessing game at the moment. Such countries as Canada and Finland are, therefore, right to temporize and encourage their citizens to confine themselves to online casinos at the moment.

To gamble online is by no means a less attractive option. Virtual casinos might not create a lively atmosphere of their brick-and-mortar counterparts, but they have more sophisticated graphics, a richer arsenal of games, and more generous bonuses. With the emergence of no registration or fast casinos, called in Finnish "pikakasinot," digital casinos have even reached the same level of registration convenience that is found in land-based casinos. Before no registration or fast casinos emerged, the online registration process was long and boring, because customers were required to fill out an application form with many questions. As these new casinos have eliminated the need to complete the application, registering with them has become as easy and quick as walking through the door of land-based casinos.

Providers of no registration casinos let customers open an account by simply logging into their bank account or any other online payment provider. Through this application, the casinos collect customers' KYC data and instantaneously create an account for them. KYC is an acronym for "Know Your Customer" and refers to a process usually run by banks. No registration casinos gather information about the identity and address of their customers, because they want to have a guarantee that their new customers will not misuse their services.

Some people may complain that, like regular casinos, those not requiring registration still collect their personal data, receiving the same information – name, surname, date of birth, email and postal addresses – that is filled out in the application form. This is undeniable, but, as registration casinos obtain this information by themselves, customers do not need to waste their time on answering all these questions single-handedly. Instead, they sign up within minutes and enjoy fast payment processing times. All deposits and withdrawals are also made instantaneously.

No registration casinos are also convenient because they preserve customers' local gambling data intact when they stop gambling. Whenever players decide that they want a break from betting, they simply close their internet browser. The browser will let them resume next time exactly where they have left off previously, and it does not matter what browser they use – Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. Any of these browsers will save their local information through a cache, a high-speed data storage layer which stores transient information. If customers feel unsafe, they can log out and then log in back by using their BankID.

No registration casinos are a new phenomenon in the gambling industry and is available meanwhile only in Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Finns have a wide choice of no registration casinos, the most generous of which are Kassu, SpeedyCasino, Hyper, Nomini, Spela, LightCasino, Zet, and FastBet. Their welcome bonuses range from $200 to $500. Their free spin bonuses are equally lavish. SpeedyCassino offers customers 500 free spins, while Kassu lets them spin 300 times free of charge. Finns also receive reload bonuses every time they reload their accounts. This is a match bonus, which means that it is given away as a certain percentage of gamblers' deposit amount. Its advantage over welcome bonuses is that it is gifted repeatedly, while a welcome bonus is a one-time present.

When digital casinos offer such generous bonuses and the fast registration process, land-based casinos might be missed by enthusiastic players less poignantly. After the Finnish government reopens Casino Helsinki, Finns might indeed flood into its premises in order to resume real-life gambling. Yet even if it decides to extend the lockdown, Finnish players will definitely have plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves on betting websites.

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