Create banners for your Lists and even hide their top tweets from your home on Twitter for Android now

A few weeks ago, Twitter announced some customizations for Twitter Lists particularly for Desktop and iOS users that allows users to put images of their choice as banners for their Lists. And according AndroidPolice Twitter is also rolling out the same Lists customization feature on Android. Additionaly, Android users can hide the content of the lists from their timeline..

A list is basically a curated group of Twitter accounts. To put it simply, Lists organize a user’s Twitter followers as the user picks and chooses who belongs in which list based on any criteria, like shared hobbies, common groups, mutual friends, favorite influencers, etc. A user can create a list or subscribe to an already created list, and when they view a list timeline, it will show Tweets from only the accounts that are on that list.

With new customizations, Twitter is trying to make these lists more relevant and upgraded.

The feature of creating banners for lists on Apple devices and PCs rolled out just a few weeks ago, and it is now available on the latest alpha version of Android. But for some users, it is randomly getting enabled on their phones regardless of their version.

To customize the header image or banner of a list, all a user needs to do is to open a list and tap on the ‘Edit list.’ Upload an image by tapping on the image upload button. This uploaded image can be cropped too, as it is customized into two sizes, a wider banner, and a square-shaped thumbnail. Once it is all done, save the image and the user will be able to see the new banner on top of their list.

The point to notice here is that this banner will only be displayed when an individual list is opened, and as soon as the user starts scrolling down, it will disappear. It will not be visible on lists tabs on the homepage.

Now, Twitter is providing another interesting feature for these lists. A user can hide the top tweets of a list from their timeline by clicking on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner in a list’s page and enabling the ‘Don’t show these Tweets in Home’ option. If a user does not follow some accounts, their tweets would already not show in the timeline, but this feature is especially significant for accounts that a user follows and their tweets show in their timeline as well as in the lists that they are added into. So, to avoid seeing duplicate tweets, a user can choose this option and make the lists and personal timeline more organized.

Both these features are live on Twitter v8.49.06 alpha for all users. They may also be available as server side-switch for many people. It will be interesting to see how people will react to these customizations in lists. They sound pretty interesting and will definitely make the lists better in all ways.

Along with improvements in Lists, Twitter is also testing a Moment Maker for desktop users, i.e. according to Jane Manchun Wong.

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