Facebook’s Messenger Is Introducing A New Business Inbox

Facebook is adding a new business inbox to its Messenger app. The business inbox will help brands to quickly respond to consumer messages through the app. It will also allow users to conveniently toggle between personal and business accounts.

The company began rolling out the business inbox for iOS users from this Tuesday. The feature will be added to the Android version of the Messenger app in the upcoming few weeks. Mike Weingert, Messenger product manager stated in a blog post that research performed by Facebook determined that over 90% of business admins on Facebook’s platform already use the Messenger app. They use Messenger to connect to their friends as well as family members.

The study also found that a lot of business administrators do not want to download or manage multiple apps on their devices just to perform basic simple tasks. The Messenger product manager also cited HubSpot’s survey finding that 90% of the consumers think that immediate responses from businesses are crucial. According to the survey, immediate responses from businesses are imperative for customers when they have queries about marketing and sales including questions about the availability of a specific product, store hours, and options for pickup and delivery.

Mike Weingert wrote in the blog post that the new business inbox added to the Messenger app will make it convenient for businesses to quickly respond to their customers. Moreover, businesses can also decide to receive notifications in Facebook’s Messenger application. These notifications will remind businesses to get back to consumers promptly.

The business inbox feature of the Messenger app also complements the Page Manager application. Businesses can manage their posts, see page insights, and create ads within the Page Manager application. Businesses can also send and receive messages on the Page Manager application.

Matt Volpert, Kern River Outfitters owner explained that its company is experiencing a massive rise of messages from guests, as they are currently experiencing a 250% increase in the number of messages received from guests who want to reschedule their trips because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt Volpert further elaborated that the huge increase makes it challenging for his small team to get back to these numerous guests in a timely manner. The business inbox in the Messenger application is an amazing feature that will help Matt Volpert to quickly respond to each and every one of his guests.

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