Twitter announces special customizations for Lists and Photos Alt text facilitate all types of users

Twitter has recently announced some new changes in two of its features.

Back in December 2019, Twitter had introduced the new card format for List sharing.

When previously, lists needed to be shared on Twitter, it used to be done through long URLs. But since December 2019, the lists were given an image and a card title for each list that came in assorted colors. So, sharing of these lists on Twitter was made possible through these image-linked card list headers, and long URLs were obsoleted.

Twitter randomly generated these headers. While they made sharing certainly easy, and visually they were pleasing, users always felt that there was some room for improvement still.

Until now!

Recently Twitter has announced that it will now enable the users to customize their Twitter list header image.

They can add a photo or personal image in the top frame when they create or edit a Twitter list.

Now, this is something extremely cool! Although it is a minor change, it is still significant. It gives an extra level of personalization and character to the users, which will make the list creation and sharing more fun and more practical.

It will also help in better engagement with people and make the process of tweeting and sharing or adding people in lists smoother.

To make the lists more primed and proper, Twitter has been working on them for a while now. Before the launch of the card format header image in the list titles, Twitter had added an option for the users to pin their lists as swipe-able, with alternate news feeds and well-defined by various topics.

Now with these customizable banners for lists, there is another element that has been added to make the users more focused by letting them share their dedicated topic lists, making the flow of information continuous and more steady between different users.

Another change about which Twitter has made an announcement is the addition of a dedicated ‘+ALT’ button displayed on images that users upload on their timeline.

Through this special button, brief text descriptions of the uploaded image can be added. According to Twitter, the rationale behind this feature is to include everyone in the conversation, by facilitating the people who have different types of visual difficulties/impairments and who use screen readers to interpret images in tweets.

Twitter had included the alt-text description option with uploaded images in 2016, but it was a tedious process to enable the feature. It required to tweak with the settings and honestly, it was not so smooth for people who already faced difficulties.

So, this new designated +ALT button for images is a welcome and positive change, not to mention that it is completely hassle-free now!

Another advantage of this button is that more people will acknowledge the fact that they must include everyone in their conversation. Many of these users were not even aware of the alt-text description option that Twitter already offered. So, with an obvious indicator with every image they upload now, more people will find it considerate and more engagement from everyone will become possible while improving the user experience of people with some difficulties on Twitter.

This is going to make your images more search-able too!

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