YouTube Will Facilitate Off Platform Subscriptions for News Publishers

YouTube has been trying to make it so that people or organizations that create content on its platform would be able to get some kind of financial sustainability in this regard. The fact of the matter is that people come to YouTube for all kinds of content, much of which is very different to what you might be looking into. For example, a big chunk of YouTube users come there so that they can end up getting up to date with the news.

A lot of content creators started to get financial support from their YouTube channels because of the fact that the video hosting giant introduced paid subscriptions called “memberships” that made it so that you could pay a certain amount on a monthly basis in order to support your favorite YouTubers and channels, and this was introduced to make it so that fewer creators would go off platform for support to sites such as Patreon and the like.

YouTube is now planning to introduce something similar to channel memberships for news publishers. This is basically a feature that news publishers can use which would offer paid off platform subscriptions to their own sites and digital content hubs, something that would be shown in a prompt at the end of videos.

This will make it so that news publishers would be able to convert their YouTube subscribers into actual paid members of their own platforms, something that will boost their income and make it so that they would have more of an incentive to take YouTube as seriously as possible by posting more content there.

This is part of the Google News Initiative, although there are still going to be a few things here and there that would probably have to be ironed out such as how much of a cut YouTube would take, something that might just have quite a large impact on whether or not news publishers would want to avail such a feature in the first place. All in all, though, it’s fair to say that this is the sort of thing that would serve as a bit of a boost to publishers who need more income, especially at a time like this where news is more important than ever.

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