Skyrocketing gaming and eSports trends amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive changes in the core of human society. Due to global lockdowns and a general social distancing implementation, people are bound at home. Anxiety and boredom are at their peaks as humans are no longer free to roam around as per their desire.

Therefore, understandably, people are turning towards the internet and mobile tech apps for passing their time. Most people use these apps to virtually connect with the world, but many people have resorted to online gaming videos and eSports.

As per the latest report by social video analytics. Tubular Labs, there has been a more than 24% increase in online gaming in comparison to the pre-COVID months.

YouTube has seen a whopping 17 billion gaming video views in the last week of March 2020 alone!

This report also suggests that there is an increase in all types of gaming content, but the growth of online gaming has spurted to more than 35%.

In comparison with the pre-COVID period, Video Game franchises have seen a more than 12% growth, while Adventure Video Games have seen a more than 10% growth. Simulation Video Gaming trend has increased by more than 14%, Strategy Video Games have seen a growth of more than 23%, while Video Consoles, Action Video Games and Role Playing Video Games have seen a rise of 16% and 18% respectively.

Among the most famous online games, Call of Duty has seen a more than 60% video uploads on YouTube alone from March till April 2020. In comparison with the pre-COVID months, Minecraft has seen the growth of more than 6%, Grand Theft Auto’s uploads have increased by more than 17% and Fortnite has seen growth by more than 3%

The crucial pandemic has affected production capabilities and viewing preferences to a great deal. Four of the top five creators of content for Call of Duty could not keep up with the increased demand during this pandemic and were not included in the top 5 in March 2020.

Although Minecraft has seen a small growth of almost 6%, one of its creators, Skeppy has shown tremendous growth in terms of viewership by more than 285%!

However, keeping the independent creators aside, from the perspective of official brand channels, this report suggests that the creators of Fortnite have doubled up their uploads on their official channel. This shows that Fortnite is trying hard to stay in the top 5 most popular games during the pandemic.

Gaming sponsored content views of YouTube alone has reached more than 124 million viewers by the end of March 2020.

Apart from online gaming content, viewership for esports has increased too. As per this report, there have been more than 150 million esports views in the first week of April 2020. Live esports videos are 40% more engaging and their average V30 rating goes above 20%.

For live streaming, Twitch is a famous platform, and it has seen the live streaming of gaming creators reach up to 869 million minutes watched per day, among all the viewers! This marks a 20% growth in the overall viewership!

Among the most viewed games, It has been noted that the highest watch time goes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and League of Legends.

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