YouTube Puts Up A Filter To Let Android Users Watch All They May Have Missed From Their Favorite Channels With Ease

At the start of 2020, YouTube had its focus set on putting up a rather useful filter in the Subscription tab of its iOS app that could help users watch what they might have been missing from their favorite channels. That filter is now ready to roll out on Android as well.

Previously, such filters were first placed on YouTube's home page and in Up Next queue, however, those were being limited to topic-based. The Subscription one is relatively new and more practical in the following ways:
  • All Videos: Shows videos from all of your subscriptions - newest to oldest
  • Today: Videos that were released in the past 24 hours
  • Continue Watching: Videos you started watching but couldn’t finish
  • Unwatched Videos: The one you may have missed watching
  • Live: Channels offering live streaming
  • Posts: No videos, posts coming from community
Users will also have the liberty to choose within Settings whether they want to see both videos and posts or they would like their YouTube Subscription feed to have videos only.

The filters can be found right underneath the recently added channel selectors of the Subscription tab, but it can disappear if you pick a channel to watch. If we were to put out input then filters should have stayed within channels too so that users coil easily catch up on unwatched videos from specific channels too.

While YouTube deserves the appreciation for drilling down the content within the app, still a lot of improvements can be made in the navigation part. In YouTube Music, users see all liked artists as subscriptions which then further creates the point that if someone likes a musician’s video, it doesn’t mean they would like all of what they pot on YouTube as well.

Besides that YouTube should also allow creating channel collections for when someone wants to only binge-watch sports channels, tech videos, or laugh at dogs doing cute things. Scrolling between channels becomes annoying considering the effort involved and therefore a channel collection would be the ideal solution.

We never know YouTube may just fullfill such recommendations soon!

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