New Augmented Reality filters have rolled out for Instagram and they are simply amazing

Facebook’s Spark AR platform has come up with a recent update to its studio. New Augmented Reality filters have been added on Instagram, and they are quite wonderful!

Spark AR is a platform that provides updates in the world of Augmented Reality quite consistently. Back in November 2019, they provided some amazing new AR features and capabilities on Instagram, like Target Tracking and Native Slider.

Target Tracking lets the users anchor AR effects to specific images or objects in the real world, in real-time.

Native Slider is an optional controller that can be added in the Instagram app directly and can let the users pick out an AR effect, or make fine adjustments in those effects.

Now, Facebook has added some new features through this platform on Instagram. One of these features allows creators to play with some very complex and extremely dynamic filters that are enticing and attractive.

Then there is an AR Music feature that will let the users create filters that can respond visually to music. Another feature allows the users to apply special AR effects to any media on their camera or Instagram gallery.

This feature will allow the users to let the previously captured videos or photos in the phone spin out new AR effects through the gallery selection tools for Instagram filters.

To put it simply, with Media Library, users can use an old video or photo and put a filter on it, making it appear new.

With the Gallery Picker tool, one can easily transform a visual filter with media from their gallery while being able to bring some customization effects.

The AR Music feature will let the developers create special filters that can interact with music and directly uploaded musical tunes that are selected from Instagram’s music selection tool. It can also be an audio playing in the background that can be used to create new filters through this feature. This is going to bring an equalizer-type effect into filters while allowing the users to bring these musical AR effects into their Stories and Highlights on Instagram.

Aside from these features, Facebook has come up with special AR Sticker templates that will allow the users to customize their AR filters as per their desires and requirements.

These new features sound quite impressive. This is a commendable effort on Facebook’s part to keep working on features that can satisfy the aesthetic and creative sensibilities of its users all over the world.

AR effects have been there for a long time, with different apps trying to play around them in one way or the other, but now that Facebook has incorporated audio in these AR effects too, it has provided a highly dynamic experience. It is like a new life has been instilled in the effects and they can be reused again as per the creator’s creative intelligence.

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