YouTube for iOS Now Has Subscription Feed Filters

If you have been using YouTube for quite some time by this point you would probably have far more subscriptions than you would know what to do with. This can generally create an extremely messy feed to consume, one that you would a fair amount of trouble getting through in any serious way without skipping over a lot of videos that you might have wanted to watch but have probably not been able to check out since there were so many other videos getting in the way.

YouTube on iOS is getting an update however that could prove to be quite the game changer. Part of this update is that you will be able to organize your subscription feed a lot more efficiently now. You will have several options in this regard. One option is the “all” option which would show you all of the videos posted by channels you have subscribed to in chronological order.

The next option is “today” which would show you all videos posted within the last 24 hours. A further two options will help you see videos that you have not watched yet as well as videos that you are currently in the process of completing. You will also have a couple more options, one of which will show you any and all livestreams done by channels you are subscribed to and a couple another which is not video based but instead lets you see community based posts that channel owners have posted, taking a further step towards a more traditional social media based system.

It’s fair to say that the average YouTube users are probably really going to enjoy these changes because of the fact that it will allow them to consume their desired YouTube content and creators in a much more organized way.

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