YouTube Is Rolling Out A New Monetization Icon To Help Creators Understand The Status Of Their Videos

YouTube is adding a new monetization icon within the YouTube Studio for content creators to avoid receiving flip-flopping notifications. Creators receive these flip-flopping notifications indicating them that their content was first qualified for generating money, but then it became ineligible to make money.

Previously, creators used to see a green dollar sign icon and a dreaded yellow dollar sign icon within the YouTube Studio. The green dollar indicated that the video is monetized by YouTube, while the yellow dollar signified that a specific video is serving limited ads or no ad at all. Matt Koval, YouTube content creator liaison stated in a video update that YouTube has made some changes keeping in view the irritations that a lot of YouTube content creators experienced due to flip-flopping notifications about monetization status of videos.

YouTube content creators will now see a new grey clock symbol on the Videos page within their YouTube Studio. The grey clock icon represents that your video is being checked by YouTube for its ad suitability. Matt Koval states that YouTubers will be much more confident about what will be YouTube’s final decision regarding their videos when the grey clock icon turns to green color, or red, or yellow.

The platform’s systems are so quick in their operations that most of the users will not ever see the ‘checking’ clock icon. However, if you see the icon, it will disappear in approximately 20 minutes or even less. The ‘checking’ icon will not appear for more than one hour, and YouTube will not run any ads on a video while YouTube’s systems are checking the video for its ad suitability.

You may also see various monetization icons on the Videos page within your YouTube Studio including a green icon which indicates that the video is monetized. A yellow icon indicates that the video is serving limited or no ads, while the red icon means that YouTube has demonetized the video because of a copyright claim. If a gray icon appears, it means that the user has decided not to turn on monetization for that specific video.

YouTube also expanded its Self-Certification feature to all content creators within the YPP (YouTube Partner Program). The Self-Certification feature allows the creators to describe YouTube, the content of their videos, and how their videos comply with YouTube’s Ad-friendly guidelines. With this feature, creators can see the expected monetization status of a video and its revenue potential. If you rate your content accurately, you will be able to build a rating history with higher accuracy. YouTube will use your inputs to make the initial decision about monetization, and YouTube states that creators who provide accurate ratings experience a reduction of up to 50% in YouTube’s system mistakes.

Matt Koval recommends that if content creators want to maximize their revenues, they should initially upload content as ‘unlisted’ or ‘private,’ and then the creators should wait until YouTube’s systems make a final decision regarding monetization of videos, before publishing the videos. The new icon feature will not have any relevance to the review process of a video. The review process allows content creators to appeal to YouTube’s decisions if YouTube has demonetized their videos.

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