YouTube Is Introducing A New Premium Ad Program Called YouTube Select

Google’s YouTube is now adding a new way to buy ads, and the company calls it YouTube Select. The company relaunched its premium ads program in the form of YouTube Select. The company made the announcement ahead of YouTube’s digital advertising Brandcast upfront in the upcoming month. The new announcement does not reflect an extensive modification in who can get their content monetized, which has been a charged topic at YouTube, Google’s video platform. However, we can say that this change is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to reassure advertisers that they can safely promote and sponsor their products and services across YouTube’s platform.

Vishal Sharma, YouTube’s advertising vice president of product management published a blog post discussing the YouTube Select program. Sharma stated that YouTube Select is a unification and reimagination of YouTube’s existing solutions such as prime packs and Google Preferred, for premium advertisers. Prime packs provide you a selection of channels curated by YouTube around a specific trending theme such as beauty, cooking, music, or technology, etc. YouTube previously used to sell advertisements against these prime packs for marketers seeking to target a particular audience. For instance, a cosmetic business could buy ads on a makeup prime pack to target the audience who are presumably interested in buying cosmetic products.

Google Preferred was meant to provide marketers access to a more categorized and higher-quality collection of YouTube content creators and publishers. With Google Preferred, marketers were able to select markets for targeting the top content in specific categories. It was mainly focused on the United States, even though Google Preferred was also accessible by advertisers in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

YouTube is planning to phase out Google Preferred by the end of 2020 and YouTube Select will now provide advertisers access to a higher quality selection of publishers and content creators as Google Preferred program replacement. A spokesman from YouTube told TechCrunch that the core content lineups will continue to remain the same in YouTube Select as they were previously under Google Preferred including categories such as sports, video gaming, music, and technology.

The new YouTube Select program will blend Google Preferred program with prime packs to offer marketers categorized content lineups filled with brand-safe content creators and videos that are approved by YouTube.

Yet, the company is also adding a package specifically focused on YouTube and YouTube TV video content that is streaming to TVs into the YouTube Select. YouTube is already emphasizing YouTube TV video content. YouTube Select program is additionally introducing emerging lineups that put forth up-and-coming or niche content creators.

Vishal Sharma stated in the blog post that advertisers will be confident with YouTube Select that their ad buys are brand-secure. YouTube Select will provide marketers access to advanced brand suitability controls in YouTube Select. You will also have an option within YouTube Select program to only serve advertisements on those videos that have been machine classified as well as verified by humans across all lineups.

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