Survey Reveals 9 In 10 Consumers Buy From Brands They Follow On Social Media Platforms

Sprout Social, a social media management platform, published a study revealing people who connect with specific brands on social media platforms are the loyal customers of those brands. According to the report by Sprout Social, 89 percent of consumers stated that they prefer buying products from brands they follow on social networks.

"On the flip side, consumers will unfollow brands on social media because of poor quality of products and subpar customer service, two factors often outside of a social media manager’s control.", explained survey.

The percentage of consumers who stated that their spending increased with a company they follow on social media increased from 12% to 75% during this year as compared to 2019. Social media platforms that focus on sharing videos and photos such as Google-owned YouTube and Facebook-owned Instagram are becoming increasingly popular among younger consumers.

According to 73% of Generation Z, they plan to use Instagram more reportedly, while 65% of them stated that they spend more time watching YouTube videos. Sprout Social conducted an independent analysis of social media marketers. Sprout Social discovered during the survey that according to 65% of the social marketers, boosting brand awareness is the primary goal for social networks. While 52% of them said that increasing web traffic is the primary goal, and growing their audience was the top goal for 46% of social marketers.

Sprout Social’s survey of customers and digital marketers provides us a range of insights on the current state of social marketing and its future prospects. The report revealed that it is vital for brands seeking to engage with their customers through social media platforms to emphasize various attributes that are most purposeful to them. 61% of the customers stated that the engagement of a brand with its audience is the most vital characteristic. In comparison, for 45% of the consumers, transparency is the essential attribute, and 44% said that reliable customer service is the key characteristic.

Customers also want companies to respond to them through social networks, quickly making the social media platforms much more critical in CRM (customer relationship management) efforts of a brand. According to Sprout Social’s study, 40% of the consumers expect the companies to respond to them on social media within the first 4 hours of connecting via social network. While according to 79% of the consumers, they expect the brands to respond to them in the initial 24 hours of connecting through a social media site.

Discussing the industry groups, ‘real estate and legal’ ranked top with the highest response rate of 29% while the recruiting and staffing industry have a response rate of 28%. Banking and finance displayed a response rate of 28%, and the healthcare industry has the lowest response rate at 27%.

Social media marketers have faced continuous difficulty in calculating the ROI (return on investment) on their social network campaigns. 56% of the social media marketers used information better understand the audience they are targeting, but only 23% of them used social media to calculate return on investment, while 16% of social marketers used the data for competitive insights.

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