TikTok Will Now Warn You About Dodgy Accounts

With all the success coming in for TikTok there was only one thing missing on the platform that actually differentiated it from other social media giants. However, finally, that has just changed more recently!

Yes, by that we mean, TikTok now warns its users about dodgy accounts that may have a track record of posting dodgy or inappropriate content.

The owner of TikTok, ByteDance doesn’t want cheaters to deceive users on the platform and therefore the company has taken some strict measures to keep things under control. This update got revealed by a social media analyst Matt Navarra (who got tip from Tommy Gabriel), he shared a couple of screenshots via Twitter that had the new notification.

Furthermore, diving deep into the details of the notification present in the screenshot, TikTok also warns that the account is “suspended for multiple community guidelines violation”. This is done in order to give hint to the unsuspecting users to think again before choosing to follow any of such accounts.

TikTok will keep a proper track record of flagged accounts and notify users on a timely basis, which can be a challenge considering the number of new users that are joining the platform and the number of views an account can get rapidly.

This new notification is an addition in the list of safety measures that TikTok has been focusing on for quite some time now. Previously we saw “Family Pairing” being introduced on the platform to let parents keep an eye on their kids’ accounts and now with this addition, it seems like ByteDance is aiming to create an environment on TikTok that is safer for every user in every aspect.

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