Marketers and consumers favor Facebook and Instagram over other social media platforms according to a new survey

Social-media analytics platform, Sprout Social conducted a survey of more than 1000 US-based industrial professionals. They noted through their results that the majority of marketers and consumers are in favor of using Facebook for the promotion and sales of their products and services in 2020.

The second most favored app for this purpose is the Facebook-owned Instagram.

By the recent trends, it seems that these marketers are turning more towards data-driven, analytical, and straightforward marketing approaches, and the best apps that provide such an experience are all Facebook and Google-owned.

This survey was conducted from February 28th till March 4th, which is precisely slightly before the time when lockdowns got implemented in the US due to the COVID-19 scare.

However, the thing that needs to be considered is that many things have changed drastically since the global lockdown began. The world is different from how it was before COVD-19, and in as many ways as you can possibly think!

The same marketers are now focusing more on approaches that include live streaming and more personal, consumer-driven marketing rather than solo product-driven marketing.

In any case, the apps that provide the most video live streaming, Stories, and Highlights features are again, either Facebook-owned or Google-owned.

Some analysts are predicting that the ads' control over the social-media ad market will also increase in 2020, and Facebook and Instagram are already in the ads game for a long time.

TikTok is growing rapidly, but marketers are skeptical about it for serious marketing purposes. The same has been observed for Snapchat.

When consumers were surveyed, it was noted that age plays a huge factor in the type of platforms that people use and get influenced by. Facebook takes the cake amongst consumers as well, as 68% out of the 1028 consumers favored Facebook over any other app and they mostly belonged to the group of Millennials and Gen X.

50 % of Gen X and Z consumers were in favor of Instagram, 59% of people belonging to the Baby boomers, Millennial, and Gen X favored YouTube over other apps.

New Data - Sprout Social 2020 Index Survey of Marketers and Consumers

According to the report, 74% of marketers and 68% of surveyed consumers plan to use Facebook this year.

For Instagram, 68% of the surveyed marketers and 50% of consumers are in its favor in 2020

Twitter has the favor of 53% of surveyed marketers and 34% of consumers

52% of surveyed marketers and 59% of consumers are in favor of YouTube as their go-to app in 2020.

39% of surveyed marketers and 45% of consumers are planning to use Facebook Messenger this year.

Surprisingly, LinkedIn has only 39% surveyed marketers, and 18% of consumers interested in it in 2020.

It seems that Snapchat has garnered more interest from the consumer end in comparison to LinkedIn, as 29% of surveyed consumers pointed their interest in Snapchat, while 32% of marketers are also planning to use it this year.

25% of marketers and 29% of consumers are going to use Pinterest this year, while 22-23% of marketers are interested in TikTok and WhatsApp, respectively.

14% of consumers look up to WhatsApp while 17% of consumers are in favor of TikTok for the year 2020.

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