Survey of 1K+ Instagrammers reveals the changes that the app has seen amid coronavirus pandemic

Influencer marketing platform, Klear, carried on some surveys by collecting data from 1021 Instagram content creators from March 2020 till April 2020.

The survey showed an exponential jump in the “Live” and “Stories” features on the accounts of these 1K+ Instagrammers.

It is not surprising though, because the world is mostly shut down and people have been under serious lockdown implementations. So, it is natural for them to resort to online resources for business, work, study, information as well as entertainment.

Increased usage of internet and mobile tech apps was already noticed from the first month of global lockdowns, however, recent surveys from 15th March till 14th April 2020 show the exact nature of this growth on Instagram and the areas where users are more inclined towards.

It has been noticed that people are leaning more towards Insta Live sessions and Stories.

Instagram Stories disappear within 24 hours, yet the increased inclination of people towards them is surprising. But the results suggest that the Views on Instagram Stories have surged by 21% week after week through the mid of March till the mid of April 2020.

The reason behind this is that content creators, and many Instagram influencers have been facing increased demand for content from their subscribers, which prompts them to produce short “Stories” for the engagement of their followers.

Many influencers reported that the views and likes to their Stories have dramatically increased, and some DIY influencers told that they are experiencing more personal engagement and connect from their subscribers, who keep tagging them in their Stories and posts, letting them know about the projects they completed by watching these influencers’ tutorials.

Similarly, the need for followers to connect on a more personal level has prompted many influencers to resort to Instagram live streaming feature. This trend also seemed to rise in March 2020 by a whopping 70% during the month in the US.

Interestingly, the keyword “live” has been excessively used too, and the report by Klear suggests that the mention of “Live” in Stories jumped quite dramatically from mid of March to mid of April.

A report from the social-video analytics firm Tubular Labs suggests that the live video streaming on YouTube has also increased between this time by around 19%. Facebook Livestream views have increased by 37% and for Twitch, they have increased by 16% during March and April.

This clearly shows that the number of people going live, or the live streaming features of various apps are very commonly being used during these frustrating and disconcerting days of lockdown and social distancing. People are trying to connect through these live features.

As per Klear’s report, between March 7-14, an average of 5.3 Stories was posted per day on Instagram. But from March 15-21, there was an increase in the Stories posting trend by 15%, with 6.1. average Stories posted per day.

Another thing that was noted in the report was that the number of people viewing Stories, which is also known as Stories impression, also increased by 21%. This is quite significant because it clearly shows the popularity of Instagram Stories and the increasing reliance of people on these apps during crucial days too.

Stories Impressions increased because of the increased influx of content from the content creators. Some influencers told Business Insider that their actual number of followers, likes, and comments may not have increased much, but their Story views are more than ever before.

Another important conclusion from Klear’s report is the use of the keyword “Live” in Stories by many Instagram content creators. In comparison to the previous months, the mention of this word has jumped up to 288% or more.

This clearly shows that people are looking up to “virtually” meet others, and this coincides with the increased live streaming trend too. This is positively affecting the engagement of Instagram influencers with their audience. The increase in the number of views of these Insta Live sessions is by 80% through mid of March 2020.

Klear reported that the type of content users mostly prefer to engage in Instagram Live includes Talk shows, cooking lessons from famous people, fitness live streams from celebrities, and even virtual tea parties.

Users are also making use of Instagram Live feature to add their friends to join a broadcast, which allows them to go live with other users, interview people and even host live shows.

Interestingly, it has been noted that people can spend half an hour, an hour, or even more than that on an influencer’s live stream, and this is a lot of engagement as compared to the stats of pre-lockdown months!

This shows how people are being affected by these global lockdown measures and how badly they are trying to reach out to others through all these tech apps.

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