Surge in Instagram Livestreaming Proves That Humans Are Indeed Social Creatures

According to a report by Thewrap, Instagram has seen a 70% increase in the use of Live feature during the last month.

The trend generally started after most parts of the world closed down in an attempt to control the COVID-19. The lack of socializing led many people to go Live and share their day’s ventures, while they follow self-isolation.

Psychological experts also agreed with Instagram’s report and said that humans are programmed to socialize with other humans. And to fulfill their social desires, many people are turning towards screen and technology.

However, there are some people who are not ‘happy’ with the live streams that are almost taking over their social media timelines.

In fact, Twitter is full of complaints regarding Instagram Stories being replaced with multiple live sessions by friends, family, and celebrities. Some Instagrammers also said that joining a friend’s live stream is an activity that they have saved for the last – in the days of boredom.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads further, millions of people around the world are forced to take shelter indoors and adjust to a life without social interaction. And to replace the lack of communication in real-time, many people are relying on social contacts to stay in touch.

Notably, Instagram Live is offering various ways for people to connect and engage with each other. Other video-calling platforms that are also seeing an increase in their popularity include Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype.

A browser plug-in called Netflix Party is also seeing a surge in interest for allowing users to watch streaming content alongside their friends.

The Instagram Live feature is quite popular with celebrities and creators as well who are using the platform to show off their cooking skills, at-home workouts and having Question/Answers sessions right from their home. Musicians are also putting in concerts to keep their fans entertained during the tiring times.

Observing the surge in Live streaming, Instagram has also started focusing on new feature in this regard. The Facebook owned app is introducing the ability to watch and comment on Live videos directly from web. Plus as spotted by Matt Navarra, Instagram is also experimenting with a feature for users to easily save Live videos straight to IGTV to get more visibility.

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images

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