LinkedIn Is Introducing Two New Features To Help Users Prepare For Virtual Job Interviews

  • The job hiring process has mainly gone virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and LinkedIn developed two new tools to help applicants prepare best for the job interviews.
  • The platform has introduced a new video introduction tool and added an AI-powered feedback tool to its ‘interview preparation features.’
  • The new tools aim to help the candidates prepare for the most common questions asked during an interview and provide applicants with tips from hiring managers and experts to make the best impression.

As the coronavirus pandemic has forced lockdowns around the globe, most companies rely on conducting virtual job interviews for hiring new employees instead of conducting in-person interviews. LinkedIn has developed two new tools to help the applicants make the best impression during these virtual job interviews.

LinkedIn, which is mostly referred to as a professional social media platform, has begun testing a new ‘video introduction’ tool. Hiring managers can request the new video introduction feature as part of the virtual interview, and candidates can respond to the request either through a written draft or a video.

Blake Barnes, the senior director of product management at LinkedIn, published a blog post related to the release of the new features. In the blog post, he stated that they have found that 65% of people are of the view that the impression a candidate makes during an online virtual job interview is as vital as a candidate makes during an in-person interview. Yet, he says that it can sometimes be difficult for a candidate to display his/her soft skills to a potential employer when both of them are not sitting in the same room. Barnes, while stating the importance of the ‘video introduction’ feature, said that a carefully organized response could help a candidate make an excellent impression to stand out even before the formal interview starts.

The platform also added an AI-powered Feedback feature to its ‘Interview Preparation’ tools. LinkedIn released the interview preparation features for its members back in January.

The interview preparation tools aim to help a candidate prepare for the most commonly asked questions during the online interview. The questions are tailored according to a particular industry, and the platform provides members with videos and tips guiding the candidates to best answer those queries. The videos and tips members receive are from hiring managers and experts.

LinkedIn is releasing the new AI-powered feedback feature globally. The feedback powered by artificial intelligence evaluates the practice answers recorded by the members. The tool will analyze the responses for various factors, such as how many times a candidate used filler words, sensitive statements to avoid during the interview, and feedback on pacing.

Barnes also stated that searching for a job can be stressful for the applicants even in the best of times, and coronavirus impacts have made the process even tough. He wrote that if someone is searching for a job during these situations, the platform wants to help that candidate to stand out to employers and prepare best for the virtual job interviews.

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