Instagram Will Now Make Stories & Posts By Health Authorities Appear On Top All The Time

By now it is pretty much clear that the right information acts as one of the safeguards to save yourself from the very brutal COVID-19. Hence, focusing on the importance of information, Instagram has announced that it will show stories from public health bodies higher in your Story feed just so that you remain aware of every coronavirus update.

Instagram has also mentioned that they will boost up any useful information related to COVID-19 on the main feed of users as well.

However, there is a catch if the whole idea of it sounds a bit annoying to you. Users will only get to see Stories and information from only those specific health organizations that they follow on the platform (like the normal operations). So, that basically means there won’t be an overall increase in the outreach of such messaging nor such pieces of information would appear on the feed of users who don’t want the COVID-19 updates - at least on Instagram.

This feature is more targeted towards users who love Instagram as their only connection with the social media world and would love to know details in more ways on the platform itself.

This feature is Instagram’s fifth addition to the number of initiatives the company started in the name of COVID-19 relief and support efforts. First, we saw the new fundraising tools, then came the local business support options, and further “Stay Home” and “Thank You” Stories stickers gave users the chance to express care for their loved ones or fans.

The latter option also provided users the opportunity to add their Stories to a collective group Story based on COVID-19 and to showcase community support.

If you already follow one or more health authorities’ accounts on Instagram that’s already good because you’re going to receive all the vital information without any delays in your Stories section. If not, then we would seriously recommend you to stay connected with what WHO has to say by following them on Instagram.

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