Instagram May Soon Allow You To Choose Chat Color

  • Instagram is developing a new feature that will allow users to change chat colors.
  • These chat colors may look like Instagram’s Direct Thread themes.

It looks like Facebook is now trying to create the same environment for messenger and Instagram. According to an app researcher and technology blogger, Jane Manchun Wong, the company is currently developing a new Instagram Chat color feature. Wong is famous for unveiling new features that are still in testing mode, and while reverse-engineering the Instagram app, she found that the company is testing the new Instagram Chat color feature.

Wong shared a screenshot of how the new feature will look like via her Twitter account. In the screenshot, it is visible that the ‘color’ option is made available under ‘Chat Settings’ in the ‘details tab’ of a particular chat. You can change the color of your Instagram chat by using this option. The color changes will take effect immediately and will apply to every participant of an Instagram chat. Jane stated in her tweet that she thinks the new feature will be similar to how the chat color feature works on the Messenger app. The new feature may not be a game-changing function, but it will surely make Instagram chats more exciting and colorful.

Wong, while showing samples of how these chat colors may look, mentioned her own previous tweet, which she made related to gradient Direct Thread themes of the Instagram app. Jane tweeted that Instagram tested this color gradient feature back in December 2019, 14. She thinks that these chat colors will look like that of gradient Direct Thread themes.

Again, no doubt, the update will not change anything in terms of Instagram’s functionality, but it will surely allow the users to customize the look of their Instagram’s DM.

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