This New AR Tool Will Let You Copy-Paste Real-World Objects With Your Smartphone

Augmented reality and computer vision technology have been making beautiful strides during the past few years. One of the ideal examples is Google Lens’s capability to copy-paste the real-world text into an app. And now, a developer at Google Arts and Culture, Cyril Diagne, has demonstrated a demo of a new AR tool that lets the users copy-paste real-world objects.

The impressive demo for Diagne demonstrates that augmented reality can be the perfect technology for us to copy and paste visuals from the real world into digital documents quickly. You will have to point your smartphone at the object you want to copy, and then you can drag that object over to your desktop. It will save you from emailing photos to yourself or having to cut out an object from its background using Photoshop. It will surely make the job of a designer much more comfortable.

Diagne posted a video on Twitter (embedded below) showing how he used AR to copy-paste visuals from the real world into digital documents, and currently, this is only a research prototype. The new tool has not yet been developed for Google Arts and Culture. If we judge the replies to the video posted by Diagne, it seems that there some companies are already working to create similar applications. We expect to see similar tools and applications rolling out in the market soon.

If these type of applications are released for public use, it will definitely be a great addition to the only other augmented reality tool which seems to be of some practical use. That is viewing how particular furniture, makeup, and clothes will look like when pasted on your house, face, or body. We have seen how a piece of cloth would fit on our body or how we can bring a pet into our house and much more using AR technology. The new tool nearly reverses the regular augmented reality paradigm. The new function brings the physical objects into the digital world rather than projecting digital visuals into the real world.

Diagne explained in a Twitter thread that his augmented reality copy and paste demo has some moving parts. The first component of this AR tool separates the object from its background using machine learning. The other component detects where you are pointing your smartphone on the screen of your computer. According to Diagne, the tool takes about 2.5 seconds to copy the desired object and approximately 4 seconds to paste it onto the screen. So, it takes about 6.5 seconds in total for the whole procedure to complete. Still, Diagne stated that we could quickly speed up this process with the help of other professional developers.

Hence, Diagne has also put his code for this AR tool up on GitHub for anyone to check out. He says that any developer who feels like they can improve the tool themselves can use the code, and he wants contributors to help refine his AR tool.

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