Facebook is Working on a New “Hit Me Up” Sticker For Stories To Increase Interaction On Its Social Network

With the lockdown and COVID-19 almost all over the world, people are relying more and more on messaging. To make things easier, Facebook is finding new ways to let users quickly engage with each other.

Recently, Instagram spotted testing the “DM Me” sticker for its Stories that let viewers instantly message the creator of the Story by just tapping on the sticker. Now Facebook is also working on a new “Hit Me Up” sticker for Facebook Stories that will also allow messaging the Story creator directly.

Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, shared an image of how the new “Hit Me Up” sticker would look like. It would enable Facebook users to respond with an easy and quick DM, which would help in increasing the engagement. As a result, there would be an increase use of Stories and messaging on the platform while the lockdown continues.

In the last few months, over 50% increase than average has been noticed in messaging over WhatsApp and Messenger, as stated by Facebook. People are unable to connect in real life, therefore, they are looking for online options to directly connect with others. A new sticker in Stories would allow not only an easy way to connect while maintaining social distancing but also is an effective way to increase the conversation.

Many people might be feeling lonely during the times of social isolation and would be looking for similar people who might be interested in interacting through messaging. A new sticker would let users tell that they are available for chatting and looking for others who might also be up for an intimate conversation.

However, it could also lead to problems as seen with the “DM Me” option on Instagram, where you might find people to chat with but with it comes to some of the unwelcomed messages as well, which could be an issue for many. To deal with it, users can set privacy for their Stories and select the people of their choice who can view the Stories.

It seems like the option would soon be available for users to directly engage. On the other side, it could be beneficial from the marketing and brand perspective as well as it can be used as a CTA prompt to connect with potential clients.

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