Instagram Tests Two New Features: Gradient Themed DMs and Saving New Stories Directly to Archive

The world of tech and especially social media involves a lot of frequent change in order to optimize the user experience in every single way and also keep users interested in learning what the next change is going to be. According to Jane Manchun Wong, it seems like Instagram is adding a few changes in the mix, changes that it is currently testing out and that might just roll out pretty soon.

The first change that we are going to discuss has more to do with aesthetics as opposed to functionality. Basically when you initiate a direct thread with someone through the messaging feature, the messages will be displayed in color gradient. The messages you receive will be in the usual grey but your own messages will slowly change in color as you send each one creating a unique effect.

Instagram is working on gradient Direct Thread themes

This is an intriguing feature but it doesn’t really add much to Instagram and some might criticize it as being a little too garish for their liking, although chances are that you would be able to control what colors are shown and whether or not you want this feature to be working in the first place.

The second feature that is being tested out actually does have something to do with functionality, specifically Stories. The feature that is being tested out involves archiving stories, enabling you to do this directly. If you have worked on a new story you would be able to archive it before you send it out.

Instagram is testing the ability to save new Stories to Archive directly

These changes indicate that Instagram is planning on making even more changes in the future, and the constant updates coming to Instagram Stories indicates that this high popular feature may just get a whole new set of additions that will ostensibly make it even easier to use and highly versatile so that anyone can get the experience that they want out of it.

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