eMarketer Forecasts That Instagram And Snapchat Will Experience Higher Engagement Growth During This Year Compared To Facebook

According to a forecast shared by eMarketer, a market research company, Instagram and Snapchat will experience higher growth rate during this year than Facebook. The coronavirus lockdowns have led users to increase social media engagement for the first time since the year 2017. This year, adult users in the US will spend an average of around one hour and twenty-two minutes per day on social media apps which is seven minutes more as compared to the time spent by them during 2019.

eMarketer forecasted back in November that Instagram’s usage will increase by only 24 seconds per day this year. However, the recent forecast depicts that Facebook’s Instagram will experience the fastest growth to an average of about 30 minutes per day. This is 14% more as compared to the time spent by users during the last year.

eMarketer forecasts that Snapchat’s usage will increase 12% to an average of around 29.5 minutes a day. The market research company previously predicted a gain of thirty seconds per day among adult Snapchat users. Facebook’s usage will increase to approximately 34 minutes daily, a 4.3% growth compared to last year. eMarketer previously depicted that Facebook’s usage would reduce by forty-two seconds.

eMarketer’s recent forecast displays how the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant change in user habits. This shift has some significant indications for mobile marketers who explore to reach the United States audiences. During these circumstances, advertisers need to target those areas where they can find their audiences. According to eMarketer, these marketers can more likely connect with US customers via social media platforms.

The market research company suggests that Instagram and Snapchat will surpass Facebook in terms of user engagement growth. Although Facebook is a more mature social network, Snapchat and Instagram have introduced a lot of new features during the past few months to keep their users engaged.

Debra Aho Williamson, Principal Analyst eMarketer, stated that Instagram enhanced engagement via tools like Live and Stories, and users have used the platform to exhibit how they are dealing with coronavirus lockdowns. She also stated that Snapchat’s increased usage is due to increasing viewership of the platform’s original shows. People are also using Snapchat for video calling, and over 60% of its original shows reached approximately 10 million views every month during Q1 2020. eMarketer also suggests that Facebook’s usage may decrease after the pandemic is under control.

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