Google Search Trends Displays That People Are Searching For Ways To Stay Connected During The Lockdowns

As a lot of people across the globe are still staying indoors due to COVID-19 lockdowns, they are finding ways to stay connected with their loved ones. During the last seven days, ‘ways to stay connected’, ‘virtual love,’ and ‘virtual dance party’ remained the top Google Search trends. People searched for the question ‘how to stay in touch’ four times more than the question ‘how you can clean your room’ during the last month.

Google shared its search trends for the last seven days, in tweets, and top searches display that the masses have started to find ways to stay connected instead of searching relaxing music and breathing exercise which were amongst the top searches previously. Here we will discuss the top search queries to help you understand the change.

The company noted that people have been searching for the question of how to stay in touch with friends and family members during the lockdowns more than ever. This change in the trending searches displays that connecting virtually is now the new normal for individuals across the globe. This change is obviously due to the COVID-19 pandemic and companies such as Microsoft and Google have also made virtual connectivity easier for us via products like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Additionally, Google disclosed that people have been searching for ‘virtual hugs’ more than ever during the last seven days. The term was searched more in the Philippines than anywhere else in the world during the last month. While people in Australia searched for virtual flowers more than anywhere else in the last 30 days and Indians searched for quarantine birthday wishes more than anywhere else in the world in the last month.

A large number of individuals across the globe searched for ways to stay healthy and fit during the lockdowns. The virtual dance party is so far the most searched ‘virtual dance’ query of the year 2020. Group calls, group phone, and group watch have also been in the trending searches during the last month.

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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