Google finally updates the Dark Mode in its Search app

Google has rolled out the much anticipated and talked about Dark Mode for its Search app. The new update that has been a part of beta testing for a couple of months is now available on all operating systems.

It is expected to see a wider release in the coming weeks. People who have received the updated version on their devices, especially those running on Android 10 or iOS 13; no action is necessary to enable the dark mode as the app itself updates according to the device’s display settings.

Users who are using iOS 12 may have to enable the feature manually. Also, if someone does not like the automatically applied Dark Mode, they can easily turn it off as per their preferences.

As mentioned before, this Dark Mode has been in talks for a long time, since its launch for mobile devices in 2019. It is basically a browser extension that allows a visually ergonomic experience for the users.

When it is enabled, it makes the web interface appear dark. Blue light/white interfaces are known to increase strain on eyes and adversely affect the eyesight. Therefore, a dark-themed interface is a welcome change for its obvious benefits.

However, when Google released this feature, as much as people appreciated it, they found a glaring glitch that took out all the benefits of a dark interface.

The interface would turn all dark, but the web content settings would remain unchanged. When a Google search was performed, the results page would be all dark themed, but when a particular search item would be opened, it would remain unaffected.

By applying some codes manually, this problem could be addressed to some extent, but the overall results were still not satisfying, and would not benefit anyone for long.

However, the good news is that now that the speculations are over and Google has finally started rolling the Dark Mode out for mobile devices, it has been noted that there is no need to manually update the device.

It seems rather straight-forward and direct, without any problems for the users. This is an additional advantage to provide a hassle-free experience to the users, and it is highly commendable of Google to keep it simple and user-friendly.

Since it has an automatic updating system, more people will be able to explore the advantages of the Dark Mode and will be able to judge it wisely, which is indeed a good measure. Even if people choose to turn it off later, they still will be taking a step based on their intelligent judgment. In a way, Google is giving out “free-will” to its users and such actions are bound to make the consumers happy and satisfied.

Let us wait and see how people will react to this handy update. It will not only ease the unwanted stress on their eyes, but it will also improve the battery life of their mobile devices. And that is simply great!

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