Google Duo to Massively Increase Maximum Participants in Video Calls to Compete With Zoom

The coronavirus pandemic that we are currently going through is having a serious impact on pretty much every single walk of life that’s out there. The tech industry has been scrambling to keep up with higher demands for delivery service apps, livestreaming as well as video conferencing, all of which can be enormously useful in a situation such as this one where people are being forced to look into staying at home for the foreseeable future.

The video conferencing app known as Zoom has been making a lot of headway, becoming pretty much the standard app that people tend to use for things like this. This has made big name tech companies scramble to make it so that they can remain competitive in this regard, and Google has managed to do so with Google Duo. However, Google Duo, which was launched in April last year, did not allow all that many participants (around a dozen) which is why Google is testing an update in Duo app to make it so that up to 32 participants at a time can now be involved in the video conference.

This is going to make the app a highly competitive platform on the market, and it will be quite difficult for Zoom as well as for Facebook to compete with Google in this manner. Google Duo is also going to have unique AR lenses that will correspond to your movements, giving Due an edge that other apps might not have.

It will be interesting to see how apps are forced to innovate in order to remain competitive, and this will only be the best thing people can do for the consumers that are out there all of whom would be quite happy to continue using better and better apps as time goes by.

Google Duo to Massively Increase Maximum Participants in Video Calls to Compete With Zoom

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