Microsoft rolls out the “Reply All Storm Protection” feature finally, and it is great news for organizations and companies

In 2019, Microsoft had announced that it was testing the “Reply All Storm Protection” feature to help avoid irrelevant email storming and inbox spamming, especially in a large organization.

In a new tech community update the tech giant has announced that this feature is now available for all Office 365 users throughout the world.

Finally, users of Microsoft Outlook can take a sigh of relief! For decades, many organizations have been facing this problem. One clumsy employee in every organization keeps sending irrelevant emails by accidentally selecting “Reply All,” while spamming the inboxes of all carbon-copied co-workers, as well as slowing down the company servers. This affects the continuity of business and sometimes can even throttle the entire organization’s email for a while.

As mentioned before, this is a hassle that many Outlook users have been facing for a long time, and there have been many complaints to resolve this issue as well. Many people shifted their company servers to other email providers just because of this annoying issue.

So, it was high time that Microsoft acted to provide a solution!

Initially, this feature is going to benefit larger organizations having large distribution lists.

An NDR will be sent to the sender, along with blocking an attempt to reply all if 10-reply-all emails are sent over 5000 recipients in the period of one hour.

This thread will remain blocked for 4 hours until.

Microsoft aims to make this feature available for a broader range of Outlook 365 users with time. It plans to improve it more with usage telemetry and customer feedback. This will help them bring all possible enhancements to improve the accuracy in the detection of a reply all storm, add admin customizable thresholds and tweak with the duration of the block, while also producing reports and notifications for reply all storm.

A fun fact is that Microsoft itself faces this issue of reply storm all the time, but they are very happy and satisfied with the impact of the first version of this feature. This has made them pretty confident that this feature will benefit other organizations too.

Although Microsoft took a long time to finally come up with a solution to this problem, it is still better to be late than never. The world nowadays uses email as a valuable tool for business workplaces, and inbox storming is the last thing that anyone wants to hamper their work speed and affect their vitality and efficacy.

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