Google Is Introducing An Update To Google Drive, Docs, And Sheets apps’ Permissions Window To Make File Sharing Less Complicated

On Tuesday, Google announced an update it is making to the permissions window for Google Docs, Drive and Sheets apps. The update is developed to make file sharing less complicated and more secure.

Now, with this update, when a user taps the ‘share button’, the pop-up window box displays a clear distinction between who the file is being shared with and the permissions the file link has. The pop-up box also shows a searchable directory of user’s contacts or colleagues when the user is searching for the person to share the file with.

Previously, the sharing window displayed both the options in a single window along with a duplicate copy link and ‘get shareable link’ buttons.

But the new update makes it more transparent for the user while choosing who to share data with. Then the said update will require the user to tap the permissions window. The permissions window will allow you to specify what a person with access can actually do the data. The update will also provide you with a more apparent distinction between sharing the files with individuals and sharing them with groups.

According to Google, it makes sharing files less complicated for users with accidental permissions. The new update will also reduce the risk of allowing unwanted users to access the data.

In a blog post, Google stated that sharing files is crucial for collaboration, and this has become exclusively true now as extra workforces are working remote and collaborating on data from various regions or locations. Google states that the new update will improve collaboration by making file sharing simple and reducing the risk of unwanted users accessing the files. Google’s blog post also says that the company made various changes to sharing experience ultimately making it easier for users to perform everyday tasks and quickly view who can access the files as well as avoid accidentally changing permissions.

Google states that the new update will be gradually released in about two weeks for G suite enterprise customers in a Rapid Release cycle starting from Apr 28. The company will release the update for scheduled Standard Edition domains in a gradual rollout of about two weeks starting from May 26. Google says that the new update will be made available to those users with private Google accounts and G Suite clients.

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