PC Use is Rising in the Coronavirus Era

While the current coronavirus pandemic that the world is going through has made it so that in a lot of ways there are numerous industries that are suffering in some way, shape or form, the fact of the matter is that there are certain industries that are seeing a rise in their overall success, something that may just make it so that a new dynamic will emerge once we get past this current crisis and make it so that we start getting back to normal all in all.

You have probably already heard about certain industries that are benefiting from this situation such as the streaming industry as well as grocery deliveries and social media is having a pretty good time of it as well, but the fact of the matter is that there is one thing that people did not predict and that is that consumers are using PCs a lot more often. The rise of smartphones has made it so that people use larger screens such as PCs a lot less often than before but this trend is changing.

There are a lot of reasons for why this might be the case. For starters, a lot of mobile focused apps are meant for travel and other types of activities that people just aren’t taking part in at this current point in time. Whatever the reason may be, the stats suggest that things are changing. Users are spending about 4 trillion minutes a month on Windows PCs according to Microsoft, suggesting a 75% increase in this regard. About 10% of the market share is owned by Apple’s Macs and Macbooks, and these devices are being used a lot more often as well.

Sales are growing in this category as well. PC sales saw a 53% increase in the middle of April, indicating that this is not just people using a preexisting setup that they had but legitimately investing in purchasing new devices, something that could change the way PC manufacturers approach their business plans in the months to come after coronavirus becomes a thing of the past and we start to move forward.

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