Google Lens Will Soon Be Able To Solve Mathematical Equations For You

Maths is that one thing which no human on planet Earth can live without. But with all the importance, there are still people who unfortunately suck at doing the simplest of mathematical calculations.

Hence for them, problem-solving apps came out among which Microsoft’s Math Solver led from the front to help students in doing their maths-related work efficiently. However, it seems like the dominant player is about to get tough competition from Google as the tech giant (also known as search-engine turned best friend for people) is working to include feature in Google Lens that will let users solve the necessary arithmetical calculations.

9to5Google has found the evidence of this new inclusion while doing the APK teardown of the new beta version of the Google Lens app. So, while Google Lens already offers many special features like letting users copy text from an image, the Math equation mode is included with the aim to help students so that they shouldn’t feel ashamed anymore upon not being able to excel at calculations.

More surprisingly, the news of this move by Google dates back a couple of years when the company first acquired the learning-app based startup called Socratic. The app was known for having AI capabilities to solve problems and now with a similar addition in Google Lens, one can also assume that Google inherited some features from Socratic.

Further reports suggest that the feature might either be introduced in the Google Lens as on “Auto” mode or could be placed separately for users to choose using it when they need it. But we will have to wait till the time feature goes live with the upcoming beta to be more sure about how the feature is placed.

With all the positives the success of Math equation mode will depend on the accuracy of results. And if the AI continues to do wonders for Google, this inclusion might just make Google Lens a massive hit among students.

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