New Android Malware Steals Vital Personal Information

There are a lot of security features that have been put in place in order to make it so that you can end up making the most of the kind of phone or device that you have such as two factor authentication but the fact of the matter is that these features often end up being not quite as effective as you would initially thought and they have also ended up becoming the very thing that is targeted in a wide variety of malware attacks that are particularly prevalent on Android devices and the like.

The security firm Cybereason has uncovered a new malware that they are referring to as EventBot that is particularly effective at stealing two factor authentication codes, something that would most likely create a lot of problems due to the reason that this is the very feature that people rely on in order to make it so that they can protect themselves from someone that might have hacked their password or something similar to this.

This malware doesn’t just target two factor authentication codes, it also steals accounting details for bank accounts as well as cryptocurrency wallets which is the sort of thing that can end up resulting in a significant amount of financial loss for anyone that might just end up being involved in this sort of thing, and you need to be careful when it comes to these kinds of situations because of the fact that once your details have been lost it will take a very long time for you to make it so that you can end up acquiring these funds back again. Since the malware steals passwords as well as 2FA codes, there is pretty much nothing that can stop the owner of the malware from accessing accounts once they have the data that they are looking for.

"EventBot targets users of over 200 different financial applications, including banking, money transfer services, and crypto-currency wallets. Those targeted include applications like Paypal Business, Revolut, Barclays, UniCredit, CapitalOne UK, HSBC UK, Santander UK, TransferWise, Coinbase, paysafecard, and many more.", explained Cybereason team in a blog post. Adding further, "It specifically targets financial banking applications across the United States and Europe, including Italy, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, France, and Germany."

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