Facebook is working on Workplace with new features and more working capacity

Facebook has announced that its Slack-like chat tool, Workplace, has more than 5 million paid users now. Approximately, 3 million users have joined Workplace since 2019, but the major influx of users came in during the mid-coronavirus pandemic months.

Considering this increasing popularity as a clue, Facebook has announced that it is bringing in some cool features to the Workplace soon. Some of these features include a proper video conferencing service called ‘Workplace Rooms,’ Portal TV usage for Workplace video calls, and the most exciting of them all, it is bringing in automatic live captioning in six languages for Live videos on Workplace!

Now, these are some amazing features and they are surely going to help the users a lot. Especially the audio captioning in six languages. Just imagine how easy it will become to communicate and carry on important conferences with people of different countries, without having to rely much on the services of interpreters and language translators!

Workplace Rooms for videoconferencing sounds like an extended part of Facebook Messenger Rooms, which is said to allow hosting up to 50 video calls in one sitting. It will let people have virtual meetings and enjoy virtual hangouts with work colleagues, friends, and family.

The usage of Portal TV during Live calls also sounds very useful, and it is definitely going to increase the efficacy of work and quality for many organizations and industries.

Apart from these new features, Facebook has also announced that it is considering to let its many employees work from home permanently. Even after the pandemic is over, just like Twitter has recently announced that it will let its workforce to work remotely in the future also if that is what they desire.

Square, Coinbase, and Shopify are also amongst the apps that are considering creating a permanent remote working policy for all their employees.

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in more ways than anyone can comprehend. We are currently going through the mid-COVID period, and already there has been so much damage to the world economy and every other thing, that we cannot imagine how our world will become by the time this pandemic gets over!

Due to the shelter-at-home and social distancing measures during the pandemic, different apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and now Facebook Workplace have seen a great amount of reliance from users all over the world.

Slack has reportedly crossed more than 12.5 million active users, while Microsoft Teams has hit the mark of 75 million daily active users by April 2020, which is a 70% leap from March 2020 only!

This is also because Microsoft Teams allows more exclusive features while Slack has been around for a very long time, but both are enjoying so much popularity because of the various tools that make them quite indispensable for users from all over the world.

It is good to learn that Facebook Workplace is trying to carve its path among so much competition too now.

Let us wish Workplace all the best, and let us hope that it gains more followers with its useful tools and user-friendly experience.

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