Facebook Combines VR And AR To Offer A New Mixed Reality Workspace Concept

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things for us and tech companies are currently reimagining what the future of remote work will look like. Currently, our remote work consists of group video calls and collaborative services such as Google Docs through digital devices. However, what is the future of remote computing?

Facebook on Thursday, traced the company’s vision on the future of remote work and the upcoming computing platform. The company provided details on how Facebook will leverage Oculus, Portal, and Workplace to provide support to remote work. The most striking development of Facebook’s vision is the mixed reality workspace concept.

The company shared an 8-second video displaying a glimpse of how the mixed reality concept will help us to work. In the video, a person is working via an augmented reality/virtual reality headset. The person drags virtual windows and uses their real keyboard for typing. The user is also able to see their hands and surrounding the workplace while working.

At the end of that short video clip, the person exits their mixed reality workspace revealing their real single monitor. Facebook’s mixed reality concept is similar to Open Source Virtual Reality, but you might be wondering how much of this concept is real. Leap 1, Google Glass, and HoloLens have promised us such concepts over these years but none of them could provide us a truly mesmerizing mixed reality working experience.

However, Facebook’s spokesman informed media outlets that this video clip is the real footage operating on a prototype. He said that Facebook is always experimenting with upcoming concepts and the company uses various hardware configurations in the process.

We cannot still believe whether the concept will be an immersive experience for us or not. However, Facebook has other companies like Google, Magic Leap, and Microsoft don’t have. As the Oculus Quest is a virtual reality headset, its field of view is not limited. And the cameras are installed on the headset, the headset can layer on pass-through augmented reality on top of the virtual reality world. Moreover, the company’s previous records and Zuckerberg’s obsession with virtual reality depicts that the company is dead serious about this new mixed reality concept.

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