Facebook’s Workplace Begins to Gain Momentum

Part of Facebook’s strategy over the last few years has involved diversifying the features it has as well as the services that it provides. Most of these updates are basically adopting informal activities that are already taking place on the platform without being regulated by the platform itself. One usage that people found for Facebook was to find jobs on it. Facebook groups were created that allowed people to look for gainful employment, but this was still a more or less informal way for the platform to be doing business.

Facebook’s Workplace is a new addition to the site that is a competitor to LinkedIn, the traditional social media platform that people turn to when they are trying to create a professional network that they would be able to work with. Facebook has been taking on pretty much every social media platform out there, from Twitter to Snapchat, so it is understandable that it would be trying to compete with LinkedIn in this manner as well. It should be noted that this platform has more to do with communication within an organization, so in this manner it is a direct competitor to G Suite as well.

The platform was launched in 2016, and in the last eighteen months has ended up gaining two million paying users.
"From 0 to 2m paid customers in less than 2 years! We're proud to help make work better for everyone.", announced Workplace team on its Facebook page. Adding further, "The journey is only 1% finished.
Julien Codorniou, VP of Workplace also announced that, "There are now more than 150 companies who have more than 10,000 users on Workplace."

This is not a very large number when compared to the total number of users on the site, but it definitely indicates that the platform is making the progress, especially when you consider the fact that the 2 million users pay the three dollars per month subscription fee, thus showing that they consider the services to be worth the price that they are paying.
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Workplace by Facebook Boasts 2 Million Paid Users in 18 Months
Photo: Workplace by Facebook

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