The effects of coronavirus pandemic on the ad world in both television and YouTube are not up to the expectations

Tara Walpert Levy, the VP of agency and media solutions at Google and YouTube mentioned that COVID related ads did not have much impact as compared to other scrappy, straight-up ads. In fact, when the entire TV world had started showing ads with inspirational and motivational messages when the pandemic first hit the world, YouTube chose not to follow the trend and kept showing 80% of non-COVID related ads.

But even with COVID centered ads, it was soon noticed that they did not perform much better or worse than any other regular ad on the site.

This forced the company to look into factors like the content that people are interested in watching, how they engage with brands and products after watching their ads on YouTube, even brand considerations and preferences. After closely monitoring all these factors, the company found out that COVID-related or themed ads did not work as they were expecting them to affect the people.

The content of these ads was simple, more realistic, and straight forward. They endorsed the precautions that are mandatory along with restaurants encouraging people to get home deliveries and retailers letting people know about different safe options that they have played around.

Despite having good content, these ads did not add any value more or less than any other straight-up ads, and one important reason for this could be the way these ads are produced and put forward.

We are in the mid-coronavirus pandemic time zone and we all know how adversely it has affected the world economy and all systems of operations. Even big brands have started cutting on the cost of advertisements due to this major financial crunch. Advertisers have started cutting back by delaying the marketing spending, and this situation is expected to get worse with time.

Although Google and YouTube are trying not to let this affect their marketing and advertisement strategies, they still acknowledge that brand advertising has slowed down and there is a significant shift towards direct-response and client-centric advertisement now.

This pandemic has made many advertisers scale down production to keep their people safe, and this has made them lose their touch. Ford and JPMorgan are some big names that are trying to work out and keep the production going with as little crew as possible by employing different techniques.

Another reason why COVID-centric advertisements did not have much impact on people despite their encouraging and motivating content was that they did not give anything new to the audience. All other media had started rushing towards showing such content and soon, these ads lost their influencing power.

So, maybe it is high time that brands should start opting for simpler ads with lesser production value, and people should start appreciating things that are not always glittery and glamorous.

Clearly, the ads that have some significance are not seeing popularity while scrappy productions, disjointed ads with all glitz and glamour are as popular as ever.

Its high time that we take a pause and reflect on our priorities in everything about life in general, isn’t it?

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