Bill Gates Shared Helpful Learning Tips With Students And Discussed The Ways Computer Science Could Help Battle The Coronavirus

  • Bill Gates appeared in an online lesson of Code Break and advised the students to stay motivated for learning during the pandemic.
  • Bill Gates urged the students to use online resources for learning at home and discussed the ways computer science could help humanity to battle the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Gates is optimistic about the global unity that could result from the combat against the virus.

Hadi Partovi founder of Code Break has hosted one of the world’s largest live interactive classroom, and Bill Gates appeared as a guest during an online lesson. Gates shared some helpful tips with students to stay motivated and continue learning while being at home during the pandemic.

Gates discussed how computer programming could help us visualize the data related to the coronavirus. He also talked about the innovations in the world of computer science that are helping the medicine to move forward.

Bill Gates outlined the virus as a ‘war’ we are battling against a common enemy. He said that the virus has sparked various international collaborations and may result in global unity. Still, the virus has changed the daily routine of the masses, and it has become difficult for students to keep up with the educational work.

During the Q&A session of the lesson, Gates told a student that it would require more discipline to learn while being at home, and it will be harder for you if you get confused. Gates encouraged the students to follow a daily routine schedule to efficiently further their studies while being at home. Following a daily routine will be helpful, especially for students who share their computer with other family members at home.

Bill Gates urged the students to use resources such as online courses, e.g. Khan Academy, or learning from a friend to keep schooling at their own pace. Gates believes that it is essential to share your understanding of a specific concept with other students.

He also advised the students to spend some time outside of their homes if it is possible. He said that if you are allowed to go outside, you should get outside a little bit as you will get refreshed by doing so. He told a student to get refreshed, so he doesn’t overwhelm himself.

The coronavirus has brought a lot of hardships on the world. Still, Bill Gates is optimistic about global unity, which may result due to the international collaborations the world has seen because of the virus. Bill Gates said that the world has seen several great international collaborations after the COVID-19 outbreak and he is optimistic about the world unity that could come from our combat against the coronavirus pandemic. Bill Gates said that there is a great victory to come here based on the researchers and scientists across the globe working together talking about the world’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Featured photo: Yana Paskova/Getty Images
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