Instagram Tests Stories With Quick Switch

Instagram’s Stories format has become the most widely used feature that the app has to offer, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that there are a lot of people that want to interact with their followers in such a manner that would only be facilitated to the Stories format. Influencers use this feature quite a bit as well which has made it so that Instagram is constantly trying to make it so that the feature is optimized in every single way to the point where there is pretty much nothing users want from it that they don’t already have.

A new update that might be coming to this feature is going to make it so that users would be able to quickly switch between stories rather than having to go back after seeing one and then checking out another. It is quite easy to understand why Instagram would want to make an update like this. For one thing, the platform wants users viewing as many stories as possible, and this will only happen if it makes switching from one story to another easier.

However, some might criticize this update, which is currently being tested and has not yet been fully rolled out, for turning content into something that can be easily discarded without fully appreciating it for what it is, although this feature would most likely be used in a more social setting so that you can quickly skip a story that is failing to engage you in favor of one that actually does manage to keep your attention. Either way, Instagram is still placing quite a bit of emphasis on Stories and this is probably going to greatly affect the decisions that this social media platform is going to continue making in the near future.

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